the Janes ( formerly Salvation Jane)

Salvation Jane burst onto the Australian Folk scene in the early 1990's, arising from a desire to explore and showcase pure Bluegrass harmonies and any other vocal style that took their fancy! Great success followed with regular appearances around the Melbourne and Victorian folk circuit, all the top Australian festivals (Port Fairy, National, Maleny (Woodford)), and tours of UK and New Zealand. By 1995, after several line-up changes and mutliple recordings, their families and other life events dictated that it was time to bid a fond and sad farewell to their audiences.

Brilliant, inspirational, funny, emotional, flawless, fabulous ….

            Focusing on the amazingly complex and wonderful sounds of the human voice (and the extraordinary things that can be created with five of them together!), The Janes cross a very wide range of genres in their music– jazz, folk, bluegrass, country, swing, contemporary – anything we can harmonize the heck out of!

            Hugely dedicated fans (Vinnie, Diana Rainbow)

            Whilst our original recordings have become little treasures that people cherish and hide away in dark recesses of kitchen cupboards, the real essence and energy comes from our live performances.

            Quirky, warm and funny there is a joyous interplay between the “Janes” on stage that is not scripted and very inclusive. People leave our shows feeling uplifted, entertained, inspired and like they have been held in a very warm embrace.

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