Sometimes you can recognize in an instant that you are in the presence of history in the making. Such was the atmosphere at the recent house concert and performance given by Salvation Jane Reunited.(SJR)

 Reunited after 16 years, one of Australia’s finest all girl a cappella bands chose Jennifer Szery's home near Bemboka to relaunch their careers which were interrupted by children, families, husbands and day to day jobs. The band consists of Penny Larkins, Rose Heystek, Jenny Szery, Anna Fletcher and Tess Lewis. These five women reminded the audience from the very first note that those magnificent voices of 16 yrs ago were not only all there but carried in the towering harmonies, the weight of years and life experiences that added a stamp of authority to a dream that was still intact and the goals firmly in sight.

One was left with the feeling that each of these women had been singing under her breath for the past decade and a half. Then they sang; some with eyes closed, others with heads thrown back, at times with glittering intensity and others with gay abandon, but all of one voice. The audience was treated to a display of a cappella mastery with Rose's flawless harmony arrangements. In a study of collaboration with the other SJR band members, the eclectic song list reflected the musical contributions of each and every member.

 Not content to sing off the back of five previous successful albums Salvation Jane took its audience on a ride with some stunning new material. The audience was left in silence at the bitter sweet end of Eric Bogle’s “Shelter” with the last superb notes hanging in the air.

SJR, five women in full cry but never for a moment was there a lack of poise, a question of professionalism or a slur on dignity. For those who attended, they witnessed something very special.

SJR is touring Australia next year, with plans for the USA and Canada underway .  


"It's not just the flawless voices, the generous humanity, the living spirit and the magic touch that pricks the skin, nor is it that nothing has been lost from their faultless one-mind timing and rhythm (over the bridging years); it's simply that our favourite pioneers of vocal harmony singing in Australia are back and better than ever!"


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