We've arrived home safe and sound from the National Folk Festival, where we got to play a couple of times. We were part of the "Festival Folk Sing.." series. We began with the Eric Bogle concert on Sunday night, performing 'Shelter' which was a great hit. This year's CD is a tribute to the songs of Bob Dylan - our contribution is 'Ring Them Bells'. It was great to be a part of the concert, and the CD is just beautiful. Get yourself a copy if you can, but not before you've purchased one of ours!! So that brings us to the next item on the agenda - our new CD!!

"Something Old, Something New" is now available. We've put together a collection of songs we think you'll really enjoy. We've drawn on repertoire from the past as well as some new material. There's a couple of tracks from our old CDs, plus new recordings of old favourites. Details can be found at the 'Store'. 


So now we have a CD, we need a launch! Mark Friday August 31st in our diaries. We will be appearing at the Surrey Music Cafe that night, along with "Invention In Time". We strongly recommend booking tickets, and early, for this event, as it is a very popular venue and often books out. 


Meanwhile, if you can't wait till August to see us, come to Mount Beauty Music Festival, April 27th-29th! This festival is always a treat - fabulous environment and great music. Check it out on facebook, or their website. Great value weekend. 


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