Well, it's been a long time between posts! 

Sorry about that - the tour gobbled up such a lot of our energies and attention, on top of a couple of lovely gigs in May prior to our departure. It's been a very busy few months that's for sure!

To start, there was a very cosy afternoon spent at Harvester Moon Cafe on the Bellarine Peninsula - what a gorgeous place! And we followed in the footsteps of some very high-calibre acts too. My advice - keep an eye out for this place and get yourself there as soon as you can! We had a full house; so many friends, family, fans.. It was quite nostalgic actually! Thanks so much to all who came out for it. We do love to sing to an appreciative crowd!


Then two weeks later - jetsetting practice over to Perth and down to the Denmark Festival of Voice on the south coast of WA. We were thrilled to be invited to perform at this festival - it's so lovely. What a beautiful part of the world, and such a 'bermuda triangle' of amazing talent, all living in and around this area. The festival was delightful, and of course, as all festivals are, such a celebration of Australian talent and a chance to bask in the joy of it all!

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