So, then it was off to the UK and Europe for our long awaited and much anticipated tour throughout July.

As predicted and hoped, it was fantastic! Most of us are home now, having wrapped up the tour with appearances at the Warwick Folk Festival  (  Also on our list were some gorgeous Folk Clubs through England, and one in Scotland (Thanks Dunbar!).

In addition, we performed in London for the City of London festival, in the grounds of St Bart's (the lesser - poor guy!), and at a cafe called Salvation Jane, in London!! (

We kicked off the tour with a bang in BERLIN, appearing on a local community TV show called Commusication, hosted by The Beez  ( Loads of fun - we had to sing in German, and Penny rose to the occasion as always, being the consumate professional that she is! Then a small intimate gig and Tante Lisbeth, opposite the market! Totally fabulous! Full and hearty thanks to Rob and Deta for hosting us there. 

All along the way we have felt so welcomed and appreciated. The crowds have been so warm (and so were the venues - "you brought the good weather with you didn't you?!" aka heat-wave UK style!!). Great audiences all the way around. Lots of interesting navigational mishaps and opportunities to see more of the English countryside than we bargained for!! All part of the fun (so they tell us..)


A huge thank you to all those involved in our tour - the club and festival organisers who were willing to put us on sight-unseen and put in work to promote us; the host families who opened up their homes to us with such great welcome and enthusiasm, and trust!; the participants of the workshops who came along for some fun and frivolity and hopefully went away with smiles on their faces and a song in their hearts; the family hangers-on who supported us on site or from afar - it's a big undertaking to gather ourselves up at this point in our lives; all the lovely audiences who came out to see this unheard of band - folk club crowds are the best, and we LOVE festivals; and to each other for managing to co-ordinate the whole thing between us and looking after each other so beautifully! 


At the risk of blowing our own trumpet, I reckon we're the best we've ever been, and getting better by the day! Watch out for the next step!

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