Well, plenty happening in the past few weeks. 

Maldon was just wonderful - fabulous weekend with just amazing artists and great facilities. Anyone who wasn't there this year - mark it in your diary for 2013!

We just had the most fun singing with our friends, Fred Smith, and also Bill Jackson - two total giants in the Aussie songwriting scene. We love them! Thanks so much guys for sharing your stages with us. 

We did a gig in the local church - beautiful acoustic gig with lots of lovely people. Thanks to everyone who attended our concerts and workshop, and thanks so much to the Maldon FF organisers. Great job!


Now, onto future events..

We will be attending the Daylesford Singers Festival  where we'll be delivering a couple of workshops (great fun and so satisfying to share singing with like-minds). That will be January 11th-13th, in Daylseford (obviously!)


Then, (can you believe it?) we're off to Tamworth! Local legend Andrew Clermont is hosting his usual "Supper Club" and we will be a part of it. Can't wait for that one. 


And the very exciting news for us is that we are heading off to the UK/Europe for a little tour there in July 2013! 

It will be 20 years since we first visited those fair shores, and so we thought, "Why not?!" We already have a significant numbers of gigs now - local folk clubs and festivals around the UK, plus a gig or two in Berlin.. 


Will keep you posted on the details. If you have any friends or family over there, let them know we're coming and send them along!


We hope to have one or two more local gigs (?Melbourne) before we leave - watch this space!


Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all, and we wish you many wonderful things in 2013. xx

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